1.  Myeong Dong Cathedral : This Cathderal was constructed by  Rev. Coat who was one of priest of Paris Foreign Missions This was the first parish and also the first Cathedral in Korea.
    This estimate was owned by our ancient KIM Beom Woo and  donated by himself for the purpose of church construction.  This gothic style church was nominated our Historical No. 258 by  the our government. The Saint of this cathedral is St. Mary of  the Immaculate Conception.

 2.  Yong San : Here is the tomb of Most Rev.  Bruguiere who was the first ordinary of Seoul diocese. Most Rev.  Buguiere was nominated the first ordinary of Chosun diocese,  he could not enter into Korea.  He was dead at Piliku near the Peiching on his way to Korea.

 3.  Sae Nam Teo:  One of the most important memorial of Korean Martyrs'  The first catholic father from china, Rev.  CHU Moon Mo was martyred  here in 1801.
In 1839, Rev.  Chustan, Most Rev.  Imbert who was the 2nd ordinary of Chosun diocese, was marttyred here also. In 1846, the first korean catholic father Andrew KIM Dae Kun  with thousand laymen & women martyered here.

In 1866, Most Rev.  Berneux with 6 Paris Foreign Missions  Priests was martyed with laymen & women.  This place was the military training court at that time of LEE-dynasty.
4. Jeoldusan Martyer's Memorial Musium:
    (JeolduSan means mount of Head Cut) This church was built in 1966 on the anniversary of 100years of Byung-In persecution in 1866. At the end of Lee-Dynasty more than 10,000 laymen-women was died here without judgement only the cause of catholic.
Here we have Catholic Memorial Museum with many letters books, implements of purnishment and status of martyrs.   Also here is the tombs of Ota Julia and Ibaraki who was martyred in Japan.

1. Cheon Jim Am : This is the most important memorial place  not only Korea but also whole catholics in the world.  Since 1779, our ancestries of catholic studied the theory  philosophy dogma of catholic themselves without instruction from foreign priest.  It was the seed of Korea cathoics.
   They studied and made rules for faith.  At last, they decided to despatch one delegate to Peiching.  LEE Seung Hoon went to peiching and baptized by Rev.  Gramont, after back to Korea he baptized to other friends.
   Here are the tombs and memorial buildings and convent.

 2.  Mi Ri Nae : Here are the tombs of Rev.  Andrew KIM and Bishop Fereol, the first pastor of mirinae parish, and others. Vincent Lee theft the dath of Rev. KIM from Sae nam the and burried here, when he was only senteen years old.

 1)Sol Mae  :  Here is the birth place of Rev. KIM  His family moved from here to Gol-Bae Village near Mirinae  to avoid persecutions.  Sol Mae means mount of pinetree.   At this place thousand catholic was dead. The castle of Hae Mi was judgement court and martyred place.         Page 20/21