Eastern Area Gangneung-Gyeongpodae-

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Seoul is connected to the scenic east coast by the Yeongdong Expressway, which ends at Gangneung. The trip takes about four hours.
There are several hotels along the coast and the combination of mountains and beaches makes the eastern area an ideal vacation spot.
Historical sites and colorful everyday scenes are to be seen in the small coastal towns as well as deep within the forested mountains of the region. The mountains also have recreational opportunities at their ski resorts.

In the city of Gangneung is the historical building
Ojukheon where Yi Yul-gok, the great Confucian scholar of the Joseon Dynasty, lived with his mother, Sin Saimdang. Sin Saimdang was not only an ideal daughter, wife, and mother, but also a talented painter, calligrapher, and poet; as such, shebeach is the most widely acclaimed woman of the Joseon Dynasty. Gyeongpodae, 6km(3.6miles) north of downtown Gangneung, is a fine sandy beach where you can enjoy swimming and sea fishing. Many of the restaurants serve freshly caught fish, prepared according to the diner's special wishes, for lunch or dinner,

T: 30mins. from Gangneung by bus
Tel: 033-648-2800
A: 1,500Won(7,20~8,20) 

There are several towns and excellent beaches north of Gangneung. Naksan Beach and the fishing port of Sokcho are especially noteworthy. Naksan Beach is famous for its clear water and fresh local seafood.
Sokcho can be reached from Seoul by air in less than an hour and is the gateway to Mt. Seoraksan National Park, a magnificent area with towering granite peaks, lush green valleys, dense forest, Buddhist temples and hermitages, waterfalls and clear streams.

sorak mtWith its granite peaks, lush green valleys, and dense forests, Mt. Seoraksan is considered one of Korea's most beautiful mountains. Located in Mt. Seoraksan National Park (Tel: 033-636-7700), the mountain is divided into Inner and Outer Seorak by a long winding ridge, known as Hangyeryeong Pass. The less rugged outer area stretches east to Seorak-dong Village.
Seorak-dong is a resort village near the entrance to Mt. Seoraksan National Park. Inns, hotels, campsites, stores, parking lots, and other public facilities are available. A 1,100m(3,610 ft.)-long cable car connects the park entrance with Gwongeumseong, an old mountaintop fortress of the Silla Kingdom.
Other points of interest the outer area are Biseondae Plateau, named after the legend of an angel ascending to heaven from the plateau, and Osaek Mineral Springs, which are thought by some to bring relief from digestive ailments.
Visitors to the inner area entering from the west via the town of lnje will first visit Baekdamsa Temple, the other gateway to Mt. Seoraksan.

L: Just west of Sokcho
T:30 mins. from Sokcho to Seorak-dong by bus
A: 2,200won

Goseong Unification Observatory is located at the northernmost point on the east coast. Here visitors can enjoy an excellent view over the beautiful mountains, rivers and coast of North Korea.
Mt. Odaesan National Park (Tel: 033-332-6471), just south of Mt. Seoraksan, is of comparable beauty. It is the site of Weoljeongsa Temple, one of the oldest temples of the Silla Dynasty, and Sangwonsa Temple, famous for its bronze bell cast in A.D. 725

T: 1hr.from Gangneung by bus
A: 1,300won

The well-known Yong Pyeong(Dragon Valley) Ski Resort lies in the Daegwallyeong Pass south of Mt. Odaesan, Equipped with convenient facilities and excellent accomondations, the resort offers superb skiing, a sport very popular in Korea.
Mt. Chiaksan National Park, stretching north to south, is located about 12 km northeast of Wonju. Mt Chiaksan's valley with its unusually-shaped rocks and cliffs is truly magnificent. There are several Buddhist temples inside the park, including Guryongsa Temple, which was constructed during the Silla Dynasty.
At the southern end of the coastal highway is the famous Juwangsan National Park
(Tel: 054-873-0015) This park is favored by those who want to get away from the more popular-and thus more crowded-areas. The nearby coastal town of Yeongdeok is noted for its giant crabs and other tasty seafood.

L: East of Andong
T: 1hr and 20 mins. from Andong by bus
A: 1,300won

Ulleungdo Island, lying 268 km (166miles)northeast of Pohang, rises steeply from the East Sea. The extinct volcano and two small villages of hardy fisher-folk add to the island's unique charm and flavor. Though the terrain is steep and rocky, Ulleungdo is a lush isle in the summer, and its surrounding crystal clear waters are beautiful.

T: 3hrs. from Pohang(Tel: 02-514-6766 Dae-a Travel Agency); 3hrs from Mukho by bus