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PMJ Tour (7Hours Lunch 65,000 \)
    Located about 50 kilometers north of Seoul on the Tongil-ro Highway.
    Panmunjeom.  World focus has drdfted to and from this former small
    farming town throughout the years.  The traditional invasion route 
    has brought Chinese warriors, Japanese Samurai, Mongols and Manchus 
    to travel through this area.  During the Korean War a parachute 
    operation was conducted at Munsan-ri, not far from Panmunjeom.  the 
    area to the north was part of the operational area for the Hwanghae-do
    guerrillas who waged unconventional war against the communists during
    and for a few years after the Korean War.  Panmunjeom is also the site
    of the Armistice which ended the fighting of the Korean War.
    Since the signing of the Armistice (July 27, 1953), Panmunjeom has
    been the location where north meets south to discuss military,
    economic, and political problems.  Red Cross representatives, Olympic
    officials, economic advisors as well as military negotiators have
    convened meetings at Panmunjeom in an attempt to keep the peace and
    reunite the peninsula.
    Over 60,000 visit Panmunjeom each year to get an eye witness view 
    of this important area. 
    South of the main conference room of Panmunjeom stands the Freedom
    House, jointly guarded by the U.N. forces and ROK army. Foreigners
    should carry a passport to visit this area, and tours can be arranged
    only through the Korea Travel Bureau. If Korean nationals want a tour
    of Panmunjeom, they must fill in an Identificaion Reference on the
    prescribed form and submit it to the Tourist Regulation Department of
    the 8th U.S. Army Military Armistice Commission. Only a party of an
    legal organization can be admitted to visit Panmunjeom.

*Information: Dialogue Office of the Unification Ministry (02-735-4845)
                    USO (02-795-3063/3028)

Type        (Term./Sta.)          To     Hours   Frequency   Duration
(Seat bus)  Bulgwang bus Terminal Munsan         15mins.     50mins.
              "                   Imjingak        20mins.
(Train)     Seoul Sta.            Munsan Sta.    1hrs.       1hrs.10mins.

Nearby tourist spots: Palgakjeong Pavilion, Monument to the US        
                      Participation in the Korean War (7 km), 
                      Imjingak (7 km), Hwaseokjeong Pavilion (15 km)