Company Locaton & Gyeongbokkung Palace Information


***Subway Line #3 Gyeongbok Palace Station gate No 6
       Hyundai Choksun Bldg Rm1104
 Information of Gyeongbokkung Palace
Description :
   Gyeongbokkung Palace (Historic Site No. 117) was built in 1395 by King
   Taejo the founder of Joseon Dynasty as the primary residence for
   the royal family.  Among the five palaces in Seoul, it is the largest
   and most beautiful in architectural style. There are elegant pavilions
   such as Gyeonghoeru and Hyangwonjeong and other refined wooden and stone
   structures such as Gunjeongjon Hall. 

1) 10 story Stone Pagoda of Gyeongcheonsa is kept in National Culture
   Research Institute now and will be moved to Jungang Museum when the
   museum is completed.
2) National Folk Museum, opened in 1975, is located near the palace and 
   Gyeongbokgung admission ticket is available here as well. 

Management Office, Tel: 02-732-1931

Operating hours : 
 * March-October : 09:00-17:00 (leaving until 18:00)
   ( But, operating hour is extended more 1 hour on Saturday, Sunday &
     holiday between May and August.)
 * November-February : 09:00-16:00 (leaving until 17:00) 

Facilities : drinking fountains, benches, refreshment stands, 
             souvenir shop

Admission (won) : 700 won
  * Foreigner : 700 won(over 25 ages), 300 won (7-24 ages), free of charge
                (under 6 ages) and there is no discount for foreigner

Transportation :
                    From               To       Duration    Remarks
  City bus       City Hall        Nat'l Museum   10 mins.    No. 8
                 On the opposite     "            5 mins.    Nos. 32,6
                 side of Sejong
                 Cultural Center

  City express   Jongno 5-ga     Nat'l Museum   20 mins.    No. 543

  Subway                          Gyeongbokkung               Line 3, then
                                                              5 mins. walk

Cultural properties :
     10-story stone pagoda of Gyeongcheonsa Temple
     (National Treasure No. 86),
     a pair of three-story stone pagodas of Galhangsa Temple
     (National Treasure No. 99),
     Seven-story stone pagoda of Namgyewon Monastery
     (National Treasure No. 100),
     Memorial Stupa for the Most Reverend Jigwang of Beopcheonsa Temple
     (National Treasure No. 101),
     Memorial Stupa for the Most Reverend Hongbeop of Jongtosa Temple
     (National Treasure No. 102),
     Stupa for Priest Yomgo from Heungbeopsa Temple
     (National Treasure No. 104),
     Five-story stone pagoda from Hongje-dong (Treasure No. 166)
     and many others

Nearby tourist spots : National Museum, Jogyesa Temple, Sejong Cultural
                       Center, Gyeonghuigung Park

updated in April. 2000