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   Located 41 kilometers south of Seoul and 3 kilometers from the
   Sin-gal Interchange on the Seoul-Busan Expressway, the Korean
   Folk Village is surrounded by trees and streams. The village
   covers 158,944 square meters, and is a recreation area where one
   can gain an insight into the Korean lifestyles during the 500
   year-long Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). There are more than 270
   reconstructed farm houses reflecting characteristics of each
   province, a district office, a blacksmith's shop,a village school,
   mansions of the nobility that have 99 rooms and an outdoor market
   place and plenty of artifacts. Performances of the traditional
   farm band are held in an outdoor amphitheatre.  One can also enjoy
   special performances of traditional wedding ceremonies.  Amusement
   facilities include a horse-riding course where one can ride ponies
   or horses, swings and a merry-go-round. 
    * Management Office : 02-776-6869 , 
Admission Fee (Won) : 
              Adult  Student  Child  Soldier  Old
  Individual  8,500   5,500   4,000   4,000   5,500
  Group       7,000   4,000   3,000    

Opening hours: 09:00-18:00 (Summer season)
               09:00-17:00 (Winter season)

Facilities: horse-riding course, restaurants, food stands, souvenir 
            shops, swimming pool (admissison should be paid; 
                                  only opens in summer)

Parking lot: Two parking lots
Parking fee: Small size 2,000 won , Big size 3,000 won
Local Transportation: 
    1) From Seoul Nambu bus terminal to Folk Village :
       Non-stop intercity bus departs 20 mins. (Duration : 40 mins.)
    2) From Suwon Station to Folk Village :
       Shuttle bus departs every 1 hr. (Duration : 30 mins., free)
    3) From Jamsil 4-way intersection to Folk Village :
       City bus (No. 100-2) stops at Folk Village.

Local Accommodations:
 (Yeogwans-inns): Eden House (Tel: 031-281-4080) 
                 Ch'ungshil-jang  (031-283-5695) 
                 Shingal-jang  (031-283-2700)  
                 Namp'o-jang (031-283-7676)            
                 Green-on (031-281-1814)             

Local products: 
        Hwagakjang (lacquered cabinet inlaid with mother-of-pearl) 

Local food: wild boar Jumulleok (pork dish)

Folk festivals: Traditional Farmers' Dance and Music Performance 
                (weekdays : 12:00, 15:00), Traditional Wedding Ceremony 
                (weekends: 13:30, 16:00), Bukcheongsajanorum (game), 
                mask   dance   performance,    tight-rope   walking  
                (special performance  on weekends: 12:30, 16:00).

Nearby tourist spots: 
                Donghwasa Temple (2.5 km), Wonchon Resort (5 km),
                Suwonseong Fortress (10 km), Yongin Everland (10 km),
                Yongjusa Temple (15 km), Suwon Golf Club (2 km),
                Gold Golf Courses (5 km)

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