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Description :
Yongin Everland, opened in 1976, is a comprehensive leisure complex
comprised of state of the art amusement facilities such as Eagle Fortress,
Global Village, Twilight Zone, a botanical garden filled with tulips, roses,
and crysanthemums according to the season, and a zoo having by seals,
chimpanzees, lions and tigers. Its convenience facililties include a huge free
parking lot and shaded areas. It is a good place for family picnics. With the
magnificent Hoam Art Gallery, which displays over 5,000 art pieces, it also
serves as a comprehensive cultural center where people can learn about art,
both traditional and modern.

Admission (won): 
                      Adults             Students           Children
      Individual       8,500               6,500              2,500
      Group            5,000               3,000              2,500

Big 5
      Individual      17,000              13,500             10,000
      Group           15,000              12,000              9,000

All-inclusive ticket  
      Individual      21,000              17,000             12,500
      Group           17,000              14,000             10,000

Open      : on weekdays    09:30-21:00, 23:00
            on holidays    08:30-23:00
Facilities: natural botanical garden, benches, shaded areas, snow plaza,
            pay phones, parasols, water fountains, swimming pool,
            amusement facilities for children (paid admission), pavilions
Parking lot: 4 (10,000 cars capacity/ free of charge)
Restaurants: Korean (3), American, Chinese, cafeteria, 
             snack bars(31), stores, souvenir shops (17), resting lounges

(Express bus)
     From Seoul Express bus terminal, take the express bus to Yong-in.
     It runs every 15 minutes and takes 45 minutes.  
     * Seoul Express Terminal is also called "Kangnam Terminal."
(Intercity bus)
     From Seoul Nambu bus terminal, take non-stop intercity bus
     to Family Land.
     It runs every 20 minutes and takes 50 minutes.  
(Local bus)
     From Suwon or Yong-in bus terminal to Everland, 
     local bus departs frequently and takes 30 minutes.  

Directions :
     1) Kyongbu Expressway: Shingal I.C. --> Masong Toll Gate 
        --> Everland    
     2) Chungbu Expressway: Hail I.C. --> Hobop I.C. --> Yongin Toll Gate
        --> P'ogok-samgori (forked road) --> Everland    
     3) Via Kwangju: Hail I.C. --> Kwangju Toll Gate --> Kwangju-up 
        --> P'ogok-samgori (forked road) --> Everland    
     4) Via Pundang: Yangjae --> Pundang --> O'po --> Wangsan --> Everland 

Sightseeing courses: 
     1) Everland   : main entrance - safari - zoo - amusement
        facilities - main entrance (3 km, 2-4 hrs.)
     2) Everland   : main entrance - amusement facilities 
        - zoo - safari - main entrance (3 km, 2-4 hrs.)
Famous food:
     barbecued wild boar rib, pork cutlet 
     Tulip Festival (April-May), Rose Festival (June), 
     Midsummer Night Festival (July-August), 
     Chrysanthemum Festival and Autumnal Tint Festival 
     Snow Plaza (Nov.-Mar.)   
Nearby tourist spots: 
     Suwonsong Fortress (13 km), 
     Monument to Hyono-kuksa (7.5 km, Treasure No. 9),
     Wonch'on Resort (8 km), 
     Hoam Museum, Folk Village (7 km), Waujongsa (8 km),
     88 Golf Club (0.5 km), Hanwon Golf Club (2.5 km),
     Suwon Golf Club (5 km)