Kyoungju Bulkuk Temple 

View of Pusan City 


 2 night 3 days

(ABF only)
min. 2 pax.  KW 500,000/p.p

Kyungju/ Pusan ( Dlx/1st Class Hotel)
( Pick Up :09:30/1st day ~ PM/3rd day, Long Transfer Express Train or Bus)

Kyongju Pusan 3Days Tour (Shilla Dynesty + Modern City Tour)

tour covers a discovery of ancient capital, Kyongju of Shilla Kingdom plus country's largest port city, Pusan. Pusan located at the southern tip of the peninsula offers a panoramic view of the port city It includes Chagalchi Fish Market filled with a variety of seafood and colorful sights, United Nations Cametery, Yongdusan Park and Taejongdae Pavillion nestled in a rugged cliff.

Exclusions to the Hidden Beauty
KYONGJU had been a Capital of the ancient kingdom, Shilla for 1,000 years and subsequently the heart of Korea when Shilla unified the peninsula in 676 A.D. It was designated by UNESCO as one of the world ten most historically significant sites since it is filled with the amazing treasures and relics in the whole city. The first destination city for tourists!

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